Azurise operates in software program distributions and providing related services and installation. We are well experienced company in the fields of IT products, services, and complex solutions. A team of highly experienced and qualified staff ensure quality and professional service to individual consumer, organizations and government institutions. We always strive to offer top quality products and to provide a complete and best solution for our customer needs.

    • As a software reseller, we deliver you the worldwide recognized brands such as Adobe, Autodesk, BitDefender, Datapolis, GFI, Hemmersbach, Microsoft, Oracle, Redhat, Symantec, Vmware and WhatsUpGold etc.

    • As an innovative integrator, we develop Enterprise Content Management system which is integrated to sharepoint system. Our newly developed “AzuPoint” solution is a complex system that is most suitable to larger organizations in order to improve their productivities, and to automate organizational internal and external document flows.

    • As a solution provider, we implement many projects in the area of office automation solutions and networking solutions as well as our GPS tracking brand “Nuudel”
    connects all your vehicles using GSM networking or satellite technologies to track and control it with our solution software.

    • As an outsourcing service provider, we respect every aspect of your business, and we work to protect the integrity of the data and the systems that you have entrusted to us. Our accomplished analysts and engineers provide right solutions for customers to utilize our expertise.

As based on the preferences of our clients and customers, our dedicated team find and offer the perfect solutions and we cooperate with our clients based on mutually beneficial long term
relationship. Our cooperation and success with our customers have brought us some challenges, the task ahead of us is to keep our strength and status as a leading software distributor and solution provider.

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