In today’s business environment, corporate and government entities rely on software as one of their most important assets. Azurise provides license contract consulting and life cycle management assistance to organizations of all sizes. Our Software Licensing Services group works to minimize procurement costs and free up valuable IT resources. We can help determine the best solutions for your organization by working closely with you and our vendor partners, thus maximizing the return on your software investment.

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  • GFI Products
  • Datapolis Workbox
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  • Datapolis Workbox

    Datapolis’s flag product is Datapolis Workbox – a user-friendly, GUI-driven tool for modelling and managing workflows in the SharePoint 2010 environment. Its unique architecture enables dynamic process management and adaptation to the changes in the environment and client requirements. Its features include, but are not limited to, designing document flows, implementing the ordering process, project and work time accounting, as well as designing help-desk systems. Datapolis Workbox utilises two logical layers: a business and a technical layer. The former illustrates the process and its stages, while the latter establishes a space that enables process automation. Both layers form a single, shared tool for managers, analysts, designers, IT technicians, and process participants. Separating the business logic allows focusing on the goals and stages of a process, reflecting the human way of making decisions.

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