In today’s business environment, corporate and government entities rely on software as one of their most important assets. Azurise provides license contract consulting and life cycle management assistance to organizations of all sizes. Our Software Licensing Services group works to minimize procurement costs and free up valuable IT resources. We can help determine the best solutions for your organization by working closely with you and our vendor partners, thus maximizing the return on your software investment.

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  • Oracle

    The License Management Services (LMS) organization at Oracle has been established to assist our Customers and Partners in managing this risk exposure. LMS assists Customers and Partners in addressing these issues with a range of service offerings.

    Our services are designed to address different needs in the Oracle marketplace. Today LMS is able to share its expertise through these service offerings:

    * Managed Services: this service is most suitable for enterprise businesses that want to implement sound and proven practices for effective IT asset management.
    * Advisory Services: this service is targeted at providing specialist advice on specific scenarios such as the impact on licensing when implementing new technologies and infrastructure.
    * Compliance Review Services: this service provides a detailed evaluation of the current Oracle asset position and offers an analysis of Oracle entitlements, deployment and utilization. It provides guidance on the most appropriate IT Asset management solution for Customers and Partners.

    Deliverables of these services include:

    * Providing assessment of current and future IT asset management needs
    * Advice on how internal controls comply with Oracle practices
    * Advice on the use of Oracle methods and tools
    * Validation of roles and responsibilities
    * Reconciliation of contractual entitlement with deployment
    * Education of Oracle IT asset policies and business practices
    * Advice on suitability of asset management and licensing structures in meeting and optimising the Customer’s or Partner’s business and system environments

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