In today’s business environment, corporate and government entities rely on software as one of their most important assets. Azurise provides license contract consulting and life cycle management assistance to organizations of all sizes. Our Software Licensing Services group works to minimize procurement costs and free up valuable IT resources. We can help determine the best solutions for your organization by working closely with you and our vendor partners, thus maximizing the return on your software investment.

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  • VMware Licensing

    The new accumulative VMware Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) provides incremental, tier-based discounts for VMware customers over a rolling two-year period. The new accumulative VPP also offers online tools that VMware customers and their authorized affiliates can use to track and manage VPP memberships and discounts.
    Volume Purchasing Program Overview
    Key benefits:
    Receive financial incentives when you purchase VMware products in volume with discounts on eligible license products
    Achieve budget predictability since discounts are guaranteed for up to two years
    Simplify your acquisition of VMware software through a standardized purchasing program
    Key features:
    Accumulative Program where qualifying purchases are aggregated (in the form of “Points”) over a rolling eight-quarter period
    Discount Levels are earned automatically based on purchase volumes
    Easy-to-use online portals for membership enrollment and for tracking eligible discounts
    Globally consistent program rules that allows discount sharing between customers and their affiliates

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